Eternally Worshiper



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You have to die my will to His will that I remain,
Do not want to be like walking with the crowd,
Do not want to be another rather be like John ..
Preach the truth where only speak lies,
Being adoring even if it costs my life,
I want to die to this world,
Well, I prefer to live in holiness ...

Even if I am thrown into a furnace;
I will not deny his name my faith does not fail,
If I launch into a pit with lions,
I'll keep giving loving glory Te ...

Scarcity or abundance,
Glory ... calm in the pit or
Glory ... in the desert or in Canaan ...
Glory, I'll give "Glory" ...
Glory ... If rain falls,
Glory ... If the sky does not open,
I'll give you glory,
I'll give you Glory ...

I'll be ...
Forever your adorer,
In the pit where the furnace,
Do not be afraid,
I'll worship You, Lord ...
I am forever His worshiper,
Released and proved I am,
And I am forever His worshiper ...
And I am forever His worshiper ...

I am Thy worshiper
I am Thy worshiper
I am Thy worshiper
I am Thy worshiper
My livelihood,
My food,
My fortress, my deliverer,
I am Thy worshiper ...

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